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Surviving thesis writing period is usually compared to a desperate jerk to eventually finish a long academic marathon. However, it seems more like an obstacle to the majority of students.

When you are about to start your thesis writing, it looks like a long and complicated task to do.


Because it is a long and complicated task indeed.

This period in student life is normally called "ABD" (All But Dissertation). Our suggestion is never to know what it is. Contact us to check how we can help you with that.

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Some FAQs from college students about theses

Here go some popular questions that students usually ask about theses.

What's a thesis or dissertation?

A thesis or a dissertation is a paper submitted to get an academic degree or qualification. Being more of a critical work rather than descriptive, it’s an original and appealing writing revealing the author’s knowledge of the topic, and the relevant field understanding.

How difficult is it?

Thesis complexity level may vary depending on the country, university, or program.

Some theses are required to be up to 80.000 words long!

So, this writing is indisputably complicated. It might take years just to collect necessary data or comb through the archives and this is only the beginning. Then the whole thing has to be written. Writing a thesis or a dissertation is very hard. It's the main reason why most people in the world can't complete this assignment.

How to format a thesis?

Are you sure you want to know it? You have no need to worry about how to start a thesis, how to finish or to format it anymore!

Our experienced thesis writers have started and formatted so many papers that it's hard to imagine. What may seem a real hard work to you is an ordinary thing for them. Nevertheless, the papers delivered to our customers are professionally written, entirely unique, and creative.

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Why do you all have difficulties with a final thesis?

People are so different all over the place! For some of them, writing is a favorite thing to do, others hate it with the heat of 1000 flaming suns. Even though you can force yourself to write a common essay or a research paper, thesis writing can become a real torture due to the paper volume and complexity.

Whether a student is ready for thesis writing or not, he/she usually faces common issues throughout this durable process. And you should either try your best to overcome these obstacles, or just forget about all of them if you order a thesis from

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Here are some things you have to know before starting your thesis writing. Discover them and decide whether you're ready to resist the entire system.

1. Students are not taught how to do it.

Thesis or dissertation writing requires a complex approach. It normally involves thinking, reading, researching, outlining, organizing, reasoning, analyzing, and summarizing.

It assumes that you properly consider whether you're:

  • Writing correctly;
  • Putting all things in the right place;
  • Expressing your ideas correctly.

But the issue is that no proper guidelines to writing a thesis are given: Professors tend to pay more attention to the thesis statement itself. And the way a student writes - clear, exact, easy to read, thought-out, effective - becomes a secondary issue. However, these factors substantially influence the final grade you get.

2. Increasing demands for theses quality

An accreditation committee constantly checks graduation thesis quality and becomes increasingly critical. That's why many theses nowadays are assessed to be inadequate.

It's getting more challenging for students to fulfill their high-standard assignment so that professional thesis writing help becomes understandable and popular among students.

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3. Vague requirements given to students

You're lucky if you were provided with exact instructions to your thesis. It's more common to not receive proper writing guidelines (e.g., PhD and Master's assessment criteria).

The theses assessment criteria differ depending on many factors (course, college, professor, etc.), but if you were not explained the requirements properly-chances are you won't submit a proper manuscript.

The benefit of getting thesis help from is making use of our 10-year experience in hundreds of thesis papers that we have already written. Take advantage of it by ordering a high-quality thesis for an affordable price.

4. Months or years of writing vs. a 15-minute review

Just imagine how much time, efforts, and energy your thesis will take if you write it on your own. And now think of how many theses will be checked by your teacher.

Do you think more that 10-20 minutes can be allocated for checking each one of them?

It's just so unfair, but it's true!

So what's the reason in this struggle if it won't be duly appreciated anyway? You'd better spend your time on other vital things meanwhile we'll take off some weight from your shoulders!

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